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We've bought and sold through Farm to Farm for many years now, first through Barry Moore and now with Tris & Fiona. They've really helped us out and I can thoroughly recommend the service. 

B Simmons - Warwickshire Farmer

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Piece of mind, every time.

Farm to Farm is a family run business based out of its own farm in Northamptonshire. Our ethos is to bring a reliable and quality marketplace for farm equipment to farmers around the UK. 

Established in 1987, Farm to Farm has become part of the farming community in Northamptonshire. 

We want to bring our own brand of honest dealing to all farmers across the UK and give farmers a dedicated online market place that supplies the equipment you need at a price you can have confidence in. 

We sell top quality new machinery

Astwell design and engineer auger systems (up to 13") for farms and factories, grain aeration equipment and grassland management equipment. As well as augers, Astwell supply bird scarers, conveyors, roller mills, bale wrappers & more. Enquire through Farm to Farm for considerable discount on RRP. 

William Hackett manufacture high quality chain harrows in the UK. Mounted harrows are available in widths of 6' - 20'. Enquire through Farm to Farm for considerable discount on RRP. 

Strimech has one of the largest and most respected range of attachments designed specifically for the farming community, including buckets, forks, grabs and spikes. All Strimech products are available through Farm to Farm at a discounted rate for our customers. For all things Strimech, call Farm to Farm. 

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