Northampton, United Kingdom

Selling through Farm to Farm couldn't be simpler!

If you have an item/s to sell, contact us in the space below, or give us a call. We'll discuss what you need to do next. 

Remember it is FREE to list something with Farm to Farm.

What happens next?

When someone shows an interest in your equipment, we speak with them, provide photos and a thorough description to the potential buyer, should they wish to inspect the item in person, we will contact you to arrange this. 


If your item sells we take a commission on the sale. This is on a percentage of the sale price and is dependent on said price, the higher the price, the lower the percentage. We will let you know what percentage commission you will pay BEFORE your item is listed. We don't do hidden costs!

We like to keep our site and magazine up-to-date, so if you sell your equipment through another party please just let us know.